About Japanese word ‘Kakunin’ 確認

確認 (kakunin) is a very common word in Japanese language. You can use it in daily life in Japan easily. Lets learn about kakunin meaning in Japanese.

Kanji FormHiragana
To confirm something, Confirmation.

Various state of 確認 form:

確認 待ち (kakunin Machi) = Waiting for confirmation
確認 中 (kakunin Chū) = Confirming
確認 済 (kakunin Zumi) = Confirmed

You can ask someone to confirm something regarding anything!

確認してください。(kakunin shite kudasai) = Please confirm.

If you have an appointment in a hospital OR if you have a reservation at a restaurant OR if you have allergy in food items you can always ask the opposite person to confirm / ask for confirmation using 確認 (kakunin) word after asking your desired question.


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