How to say necessary in Japanese

Today we will learn about the word necessary in Japanese language. Necessary is a na adjective in Japanese language. It is an important yet easy to learn word which you can use in your daily life.

Necessary in Japanese


English: Necessary
Hiragana: ひつよう
Kanji: 必要
Reading: hitsuyou.


English: It is necessary.
Hiragana: これはひつようです。
Kanji: これは必要です。
Reading: kore wa hitsuyou desu.

English: That is necessary.
Hiragana: それはひつようです。
Kanji: それは必要です。
Reading: sore wa hitsuyou desu.

English: Report is necessary.
Hiragana: レポートはひつようです。
Kanji: レポートは必要です。
Reading: repōto wa hitsuyou desu.

English: Passport is necessary.
Hiragana: パスポートはひつようです。
Kanji: パスポートは必要です。
Reading: pasupōto wa hitsuyou desu.

English: Is it necessary?
Hiragana: これはひつようですか?
Kanji: これは必要ですか?
Reading: kore wa hitsuyou desu ka?

English: Is that necessary?
Hiragana: それはひつようですか?
Kanji: それは必要ですか?
Reading: sore wa hitsuyou desu ka?

English: Is report necessary?
Hiragana: レポートはひつようですか?
Kanji: レポートは必要ですか?
Reading: repōto wa hitsuyou desu ka?

English: Is passport necessary?
Hiragana: パスポートはひつようですか?
Kanji: パスポートは必要ですか?
Reading: pasupōto wa hitsuyou desu ka?

Here, you can replace any daily life object in the place of Report/Passport (レポート/パスポート) that you want to use i.e. Pen, Ticket, Money, Residence card, Tax paper etc.

This is the basic usage of the word necessary in Japanese language. Now you can ask for whether something is necessary or say whether if something is necessary. Hope this post was a good learning for you.


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