Color name in Japanese

Color in Japanese is いろ (Iro) – 色. Lets learn color name in Japanese.

Red = あか (aka) – 赤
Orange = オレンジ (orengi) – オレンジ
Blue = あお (ao) – 青
Green = みどり (midori) – 緑
Black = くろ (kuro) – 黒
White = しろ (shiro) – 白
Pink = ピンク (pinku) – ピンク
Purple = むらさき (murasaki) – 紫
Yellow = きいろ (kiiro) – 黄色
Gray = はいいろ (haiiro) – 灰色
Brown = ちゃいろ (chairo) – 茶色
Gold = 金色 (kiniro) – 金色
Silver = ぎんいろ (giniro) – 銀色
Rainbow = にじ (niji) – 虹

Knowing color name is useful because you will need it when doing shopping or gardening or painting when in Japan. Hope with this article you will not have trouble with color names in Japanese anymore.


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