Japanese Plain Form verb group three

Plain form in Japanese language is consisted of four forms. They are dictionary form, ta form, nai form and nakatta form. It is commonly used in Japanese society in less formal situation in daily life. On this article we will know about plain form for group three verb.

Here, some group three verbs are converted into plain form:

握手しますto handshake
あくしゅします – akushushimasu

Dictionary form: あくしゅする – akushusuru
Ta form: あくしゅした – akushushita
Nai form: あくしゅしない – akushushinai
Nakatta form: あくしゅしなかった – akushushinakatta

案内しますto guide
あんないします – annaishimasu

Dictionary form: あんないする – annaisuru
Ta form: あんないした – annaishita
Nai form: あんないしない – annaishinai
Nakatta form: あんないしなかった – annaishinakatta

結婚しますto marry
けっこんします – kekkonshimasu

Dictionary form: けっこんする – kekkonsuru
Ta form: けっこんした – kekkonshita
Nai form: けっこんしない – kekkonshinai
Nakatta form: けっこんしなかった – kekkonshinakatta

けっせきします – okimasu

Dictionary form: けっせきする – kessekisuru
Ta form: けっせきした – kessekishita
Nai form: けっせきしない – kessekishinai
Nakatta form: けっせきしなかった – kessekishinakatta

見学しますinspection/field trip
けんがくします – orimasu

Dictionary form: けんがくする – kengakusuru
Ta form: けんがくした – kengakushita
Nai form: けんがくしない – kengakushinai
Nakatta form: けんがくしなかった – kengakushinakatta

As you can see each group three verb can be converted into four forms/plain form.

Here, dictionary form represents the root form of the verb, ta form represents past form of the verb, nai form represents negative form of the verb and nakatta form represents past negative form of the verb.

Together, it is the plain form for each particular verb word mentioned above.

To use Japanese plain form, understanding of the rules are necessary since each group has its own rules.

Japanese verb group three plain form (four forms) details:
Group three verb dictionary form
Group three verb ta form
Group three verb nai form
Group three verb nakatta form

On this post you have learnt the idea about what is Japanese plain form for group three verb and its four forms. Try to using them whenever you want. In this way you will eventually improve your possibility to communicate in Japanese language.


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