Compass direction in Japanese

Today we will learn about compass direction in Japanese. It is very useful to remember because Japanese add this compass direction name in train station names all over Japan. Lets go straight to the point:

North = きた (kita) – 北
South = みなみ (minami) – 南
East = ひがし (higashi) – 東
West = にし (nishi) – 西

If you want to know about cardinal direction in Japanese:

North east = ほくとう (hokutou) – 北東
North west = ほくせい (hokusei) – 北西
South east = なんとう (nantou) – 南東
South west = なんせい (nansei) – 南西

This is the way to say compass / cardinal direction in Japanese. Hope you have enjoyed learning them.


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