How to say Small Big Long Short in Japanese

Size in Japanese is サイズ (saizu). In daily life we deal with different objects around us from getting delivery box at home to washing dishes at night. Every object around us has a shape and we measure it by the size of it. To know how to say the size of an object or a thing in Japanese is easy. Lets learn them now.

English: Big
Japanese: おおきい – 大きい
Reading: ookii

English: Small
Japanese: ちいさい – 小さい
Reading: chiisai

English: Long
Japanese: ながい – 長い
Reading: nagai

English: Short
Japanese: みじかい – 短い
Reading: mijikai

Hope these words will be useful for you in daily life. Try apply these Japanese words when it is necessary, in this way you can memorize them quickly.


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