What to say when paying in Japanese

Japanese word for to pay is はらう (harau) – 払う。When it is time to pay the payment at a cash counter in a shopping mall, restaurant, convenience store or super shop you may want to pay by cash or with a credit card. In some cases if you are with friends, you and your friends may want to split the payment. Today on this post we will get familiar with – how to pay in Japanese language in various ways.


Pay by cash

English: i will pay by cash.
Hiragana: げんきんではらいます。
Kanji: 現金で払います。
Reading: genkin de haraimasu.

Pay with a credit card

English: i will pay with credit card.
Hiragana: クレジットカードではらいます。
Kanji: クレジットカードで払います。
Reading: kurejittokādo de haraimasu.

Pay separately

If you are with your friends/colleagues and each of you wants to pay his/her payment individually (for example when in a restaurant), when at the cash counter use this phrase:

English: we will pay separately (by splitting the payment).
Hiragana: べつべつではらいます。
Kanji: 別別で払います。
Reading: betsu betsu de haraimasu.

Note that, はらいます – haraimasu meaning in japanese is i will pay (i.e. you are about to pay soon, you have not made the payment yet).

If you have made this far, hopefully by now you have an understanding with how to pay in Japanese language. You can use these phrases while buying tickets, stamps, grocery items or even when renting a car as well. It is very easy right? Please use these phrases when you have the opportunity to pay for something in Japan. Happy shopping, eating and traveling.


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