How to say weekdays in Japanese

Weekdays in Japanese is へいじつ (heijitsu) – 平日 and weekend in Japanese is しゅうまつ (shuumatsu) 週末. Days of the week or weekdays in Japanese is not that difficult to learn. Not to mention that it is very important to learn days of the week in Japanese language if you ever want to live and work in Japan. On this post we will learn how to say seven weekdays in Japanese.


Weekdays in Japanese

にちようびnichi youbiSunday日曜日
げつようびgetsu youbiMonday月曜日
かようびka youbiTuesday火曜日
すいようびsui youbiWednesday水曜日
もくようびmoku youbiThursday木曜日
きんようびkin youbiFriday金曜日
どようびdo youbiSaturday土曜日

Hope from this post you have learnt how to say days of the week or seven weekdays in Japanese language. A good tip to not forget Japanese weekdays is try to remember/revise everyday after you memorize it once. In this way you will recall them faster and probably never forget them.


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