How to say will go together in Japanese

You will go with your Japanese friends or with someone you know well to eat somewhere nice, play with, shopping or watch movie in a movie theater. You want to tell it your other Japanese friend or someone you know. However, you are not quite sure how to say it correctly in Japanese. On this post we will learn about how to say will go together in Japanese language.

“Will go together” in Japanese


English: will go together
Hiragana: いっしょにいきます。
Kanji: 一緒に行きます。
Reading: issho ni ikimasu.


English: I will go with my friends to watch movie.
Hiragana: ともだちといっしょにえいがをみにいきます。
Kanji: 友達と一緒に映画を見に行きます。
Reading: tomodachi to issho ni eiga o mi ni ikimasu.

English: I will go with David to buy a laptop.
Hiragana: デビッドさんといっしょにパソコンをかいにいきます。
Kanji: デビッドさんと一緒にパソコンを買いに行きます。
Reading: debiddo san to issho ni pasokon o kai ni ikimasu.

English: I will go with Maria to have lunch.
Hiragana: マリアさんといっしょにちゅうしょくをたべにいきます。
Kanji: マリアさんと一緒に昼食を食べに行きます。
Reading: maria san to issho ni chūshoku o tabe ni ikimasu.

English: I will go shopping with my family.
Hiragana: かぞくといっしょにかいものにいきます。
Kanji: 家族と一緒に買い物に行きます。
Reading: kazoku to issho ni kaimono ni ikimasu.

English: I will travel with my wife.
Hiragana: つまといっしょにりょうこにいきます。
Kanji: 妻と一緒に旅行に行きます。
Reading: tsuma to issho ni ryoko ni ikimasu.

Hopefully by this time you have an idea about how to tell people about your plan with someone in Japanese. Next time if you want to say that you will go together in Japanese language please try what you have learnt from this post.


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