How to say lets do something in Japanese

You wish to go with your Japanese friends or someone you know well to eat somewhere, play some sports, shopping or watch movie together on a holiday. However you are hesitating since you are not certain how to express your wish in Japanese correctly. On this post we will learn how to say lets do something in Japanese.

“Let’s do something” in Japanese


English: Lets eat.
Hiragana: たべましょう。
Kanji: 食べましょう。
Reading: tabemashou.

English: Lets go.
Hiragana: いきましょう。
Kanji: 行きましょう。
Reading: ikimashou.

English: Lets drink.
Hiragana: のみましょう。
Kanji: 飲みましょう。
Reading: nomimashou.

English: Lets meet.
Hiragana: あいましょう。
Kanji: いましょう。
Reading: aimashou.

English: Lets play.
Reading: asobimashou.

English: Lets see / watch.
Reading: mimashou.

English: Lets listen.
Hiragana: ききましょう。
Kanji: きましょう。
Reading: kikimashou.

English: Lets sit.
Hiragana: すわりましょう。
Kanji: 座りましょう。
Reading: suwarimashou.

English: Lets investigate.
Hiragana: しらべましょう。
Kanji: 調べましょう。
Reading: shirabemashou.

English: Lets start.
Hiragana: はじめましょう。
Kanji: 始めましょう。
Reading: hajimemashou.

English: Lets study.
Hiragana: べんきょうしましょう。
Kanji: 勉強しましょう。
Reading: benkyoshimashou.

English: Lets write.
Hiragana: かきましょう。
Kanji: 書きましょう。
Reading: kakimashou.

Enlish: Lets finish.
Hiragana: おわりましょう。
Kanji: 終わりましょう。
Reading: owarimashou.

As you can see it is not that hard to say let’s do something in Japanese language. Now that you have some ideas, why not give it a try when you get a chance? I hope you have found this post helpful. Good luck with your Japanese studies!


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