How to say different educational institutions in Japanese

Japanese has all the educational institutions like rest of the world. Each institutions has its own definition in Japanese language. It is good to know them in Japanese specially if you have children. Lets have a look on how to say them in Japanese.

School = がっこう (gakkou) – 学校
Kindergarten = ようちえん (youchi-en) – 幼稚園
Elementary School = しょうがっこう (shou-gakkou) – 小学校
Junior High School = ちゅうがっこう (chuu-gakkou) – 中学校
Senior High School = こうこう (koukou) – 高校
University = だいがく (daigaku) – 大学
Graduate School = だいがくいん (daigaku-in) – 大学院
Public School = こうりつがっこう (kouritsu-gakkou) – 公立学校
Private School = しりつがっこう (shiritsu-gakkou) – 私立学校

Hope you have the understanding about how to identify Japanese educational institutions in Japanese.


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