Useful katakana words

In Japan you will come across Japanese Katakana words around you while exploring the country. Some words are written using this Katakana instead of Hiragana because those words are not Japanese but comes from English (or foreign language). On this lesson we will learn common words using Katakana characters. English: StarbucksKatakana: スターバックスReading: sutaabakkusu English: CleaningKatakana: … Read more

Say name and occupation in Japanese

On this post you will learn about very basic/entry level Japanese sentence. If you ever meet with any Japanese person, how you are going to say your name and occupation to him/her? Lets check this lesson and learn. In Japanese:わたし (watashi) = Iわたし は (watashi wa) = I am Here, は(wa) is a particle. わたし … Read more

End of Week | Month | Year in Japanese

When speaking we use term as end of week or end of month or end of year time to time. In Japanese language there is a native way to say it. Lets learn about them on this session. English: End of weekJapanese: しゅうまつ – 週()末Reading: shuumatsu English: End of monthJapanese: げつまつ – 月末Reading: getsumatsu English: … Read more

Japanese counter – Once Twice Thrice

Japanese has its own counter system. The word used for the counter is かい (kai) – 回. Lets learn about counter in Japanese. HiraganaKanji ReadingMeaning いっかい一回 ikkaionce にかい二回 nikaitwice さんかい三回 sankaithrice よんかい四回 yonkai4 times ごかい五回 gokai5 times ろっかい六回 rokkai6 times ななかい /しちかい七回 nanakai/shichikai7 times はちかい/はっかい八回 hachikai/hakkai8 times きゅうかい九回 kyuukai9 times じゅっかい十回 jukkai10 times じゅういっかい十一回 juuikkai11 … Read more

Every Day | Week | Month | Year in Japanese

In conversations we use term as every day or week or month or year time to time. In Japanese language there is a native way to say it. Lets learn about them on this session. English: Every dayJapanese: まいにち – 毎日Reading: mainichi English: Every weekJapanese: まいしゅう – 毎週Reading: maishuu English: Every monthJapanese: まいつき – 毎月Reading: … Read more

Height width depth in Japanese

In Japan, while in a shopping mall for buying clothes or ski resort when borrowing gears, at some point you will be asked about height, width and depth. So it is handy to know these words in Japanese, so that you can understand or at least guess the meaning. Lets learn them today. English: HeightJapanese: … Read more

How to say Small Big Long Short in Japanese

Size in Japanese is サイズ (saizu). In daily life we deal with different objects around us from getting delivery box at home to washing dishes at night. Every object around us has a shape and we measure it by the size of it. To know how to say the size of an object or a … Read more

Greetings in Japanese

In Japanese culture, greetings are important and common thing. Any conversation between two person starts with polite greetings at first. Greetings are considered to be a part of daily Japanese life. These greetings depend on some factors which means you have to say it based on the situation. Lets know some common greetings in Japanese … Read more

Company branch headquarters in Japanese

Japan is famous for some of the world famous companies. There are many branch offices scattered across the country. HQ is also located here in Japan. People from different part of the globe works in these companies along with the Japanese people. You may encounter some common words time to time if you work in … Read more