Japanese Plain Form verb group two

Plain form in Japanese language is consisted of four forms. They are dictionary form, ta form, nai form and nakatta form. It is commonly used in Japanese society in less formal situation in daily life. On this article we will know about plain form for group two verb.

Here, some group two verbs are converted into plain form:

浴びますto take bath
あびます – abimasu

Dictionary form: あびる – abiru
Ta form: あびた – abita
Nai form: あびない – abinai
Nakatta form: あびなかった – abinakatta

入れますto enter
いれます – iremasu

Dictionary form: いれる – ireru
Ta form: いれた – ireta
Nai form: いれない – irenai
Nakatta form: いれなかった – irenakatta

受けますto receive/get
うけます – ukemasu

Dictionary form: うける – ukeru
Ta form: うけた – uketa
Nai form: うけない – ukenai
Nakatta form: うけなかった – ukenakatta

起きますto get up (in the morning)
おきます – okimasu

Dictionary form: おきる – okiru
Ta form: おきた – okita
Nai form: おきない – okinai
Nakatta form: おきなかった – okinakatta

降りますto get off (from vehicle/elevator)
おります – orimasu

Dictionary form: おりる – oriru
Ta form: おりた – orita
Nai form: おりない – orinai
Nakatta form: おりなかった – orinakatta

As you can see each group two verb can be converted into four forms/plain form.

Here, dictionary form represents the root form of the verb, ta form represents past form of the verb, nai form represents negative form of the verb and nakatta form represents past negative form of the verb.

Together, it is the plain form for each particular verb word mentioned above.

To use Japanese plain form, understanding of the rules are necessary since each group has its own rules.

Japanese verb group two plain form (four forms) details:
Group two verb dictionary form
Group two verb ta form
Group two verb nai form
Group two verb nakatta form

On this post you have learnt the concept regarding what is Japanese plain form for group two verb and its four forms. Try to learn them and practice with them whenever you want. In this way it would be helpful for you to improve your Japanese language learning.


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