Months and Days in Japanese

Saying Months and Days together in Japanese language is relatively easy and straight forward. All you need to know about Months in Japanese and Days in Japanese.

Lets see some examples:

If you want to say March 3rd:
さんがつ みっか = Sangatsu Mikka (March 3rd)

If you want to say November 24th:
じゅういちがつ にじゅうよっか = Juuichigatsu Nijūyokka (November 24th)

If you want to say December 20th:
じゅうにがつ はつか = Juunigatsu Hatsuka (December 20th)

If you want to say June 15th:
ろくがつ じゅうごにち = Rokugatsu Jūgo nichi (June 15th)

If you want to say February 18th:
にがつ じゅうはちにち = Nigatsu Jūhachi nichi (February 18th)

Well… if these examples keep going on like this, eventually, this post will get too long. At this point you should get an idea regarding how to Say Months and Days in Japanese with above examples. The formula is just mention the month first and the day right after.

If you want to know all the months and days in Japanese. Please have a look at:
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Happy learning!


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