End of Week | Month | Year in Japanese

When speaking we use term as end of week or end of month or end of year time to time. In Japanese language there is a native way to say it. Lets learn about them on this session.

English: End of week
Japanese: しゅうまつ – ()
Reading: shuumatsu

English: End of month
Japanese: げつまつ – 月末
Reading: getsumatsu

English: End of year
Japanese: ねんまつ – 年末
Reading: nenmatsu

Notice that, all you need to do is to add end – まつ (matsu) – (if only mention as standalone, then the pronunciation is sue) after week, month and year. Hope this article is helpful enough for some handy Japanese keywords. Remember these useful words so that you can use them when it is needed.


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