How to say necessary in Japanese

Today we will learn about the word necessary in Japanese language. Necessary is a na adjective in Japanese language. It is an important yet easy to learn word which you can use in your daily life. Necessary in Japanese English: NecessaryHiragana: ひつよう。Kanji: 必要。Reading: hitsuyou. Examples English: It is necessary.Hiragana: これはひつようです。Kanji: これは必要です。Reading: kore wa hitsuyou desu. … Read more

Japanese na adjective negative form

Japanese has two types of adjective. There is a way to express negative form of these adjectives. On this session we will learn how to express negative form of na adjectives in Japanese language. To make na adjective negative form: Replace では ありません (dewa arimasen) with な (na) at the end of the word.ORReplace じゃない … Read more

Japanese na adjective Te Form

Na adjective in Japanese has its own te form. Today we will learn how to make na adjective te form in Japanese language. First lets learn the rule for na adjective te form. RULE: To change na adjective to te form simply replace な (na) with で (de) at the end of the word.Example:かんたんな becomes … Read more

Na adjective in Japanese

Japanese language has adjectives. It is an important part of Japanese grammar. There are 2 types of adjective: na-adjective and i-adjective. On this article we will learn about na-adjective in Japanese language. HiraganaKanji ReadingMeaning かんたんな簡単な kantan-naeasy ひまな熱な hima-nanot busy きれいな綺麗な kirei-nabeautiful/clean にぎやかな賑やかな nigiyaka-nalively/busy (area) しずかな静かな shizuka-naquiet (area) べんりな便利な benri-naconvenient ふべんな不便な fuben-nainconvenient げんきな元気な genki-naenergetic/healthy しんせつな親切な shinsetsu-nakind … Read more