Japanese i adjective negative form

Japanese has two types of adjective. There is a way to express negative form of these adjectives. On this session we will learn how to express negative form of i adjectives in Japanese language. To make i adjective negative form: Replace い (i) with くない (kunai) at the end of the word. Lets see some … Read more

Japanese i adjective Te Form

i adjective in Japanese has its own te form. Today we will learn how to make i adjective te form in Japanese language. First lets learn the rule for i adjective te form. RULE: To change i adjective to te form simply replace い (i) with くて (kute) at the end of the word.Example:おおきい becomes … Read more

i adjective in Japanese

Japanese language has adjectives. It is an important part of Japanese grammar. There are 2 types of adjective: na-adjective and i-adjective. On this article we will learn about i-adjective in Japanese language. HiraganaKanji ReadingMeaning おおきい大きい ookiibig ちいさい小さい chisaismall/short ひくい低い hikuilow ながい長い nagailong みじかい短い mijikaishort たかい高い takaihigh (building/mountain) たかい高い takaiexpensive やすい安い yasuicheap おもい重い omoiheavy かるい軽い karuilight … Read more